Thank you for visiting Tablda. This Agreement constitutes our Privacy Policy which is a legally valid Agreement, please read and review it carefully. For customers located in the U.K. and E.U., our Privacy Policy as well as our system is G.D.P.R. Compliant.


For purposes of our Privacy Policy the following terms and definitions will apply:

  • Agreement: Our Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies: A software application normally embedded in a browser or website that tracks user information and data such as: I.S.P.; analytics; and marketing information.
  • Customer: A "Free" or "Paid" Customer of Tablda.
  • G.D.P.R. : General Data Protection Regulation implemented by the E.U. (European Union) in May 2018.
  • Mediation: Our agreements and contracts are subject to Mediation (private) for dispute resolution, within the jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina, United States of America.
  • Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Information such as an I.P. address; marketing; or analytical information.
  • Personally Identifiable Information: Data and information unique to the individual such as login; name; username; and password.
  • Privacy Agent: Duly appointed company officer or agent that implements and oversees our Privacy Policies.
  • User: Anyone (either individual or company) that accesses and uses Tablda.


Tablda is committed to maintaining the accuracy, privacy, and security of its' customer's information. This Privacy Policy describes the personal information that Tablda collects from or about its customers, how it uses that information, and to whom it is disclosed.

This Policy is to comply with the privacy requirements established by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). It supports Tablda need to collect information from its customers as necessary for its performance of business services and functions, while also recognizing a customer’s right to have their information handled in a way that protects the privacy of their personal information.

For purposes of this Policy, a customer may also be referred to as “you” or “your.”


This Policy will commence upon the date the user/customer access and uses the Tablda and continues until they terminate or close their account.

This Policy replaces all other policies relating to the use of a customer’s personal data, whether such a policy was made in writing or oral.


This Policy applies to all customers and users of Tablda.


Tablda only collects information that is necessary for one or more of its legitimate business functions or activities. The information Tablda collects from its customers and users includes and is not limited to:

  • Full legal name (individual or business);
  • Email address;
  • Password;
  • Login Information;
  • Social Media Information (via Login);
  • Financial (payment) information;
  • Any other information that is necessary for Tablda to provide services to its' customers.

The information collected is considered “personal data” as defined by Article 4(1) of the GDPR.


Tablda will never sell your personal information, although it may be shared sometimes with business partners only as necessary or need-to-know basis in order for our company to perform a legitimate business function. Any information that is shared with business partners will be disclosed in accordance with Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR.


Tablda collects personal; login; and financial information; from its customers and users in order to perform legitimate business functions and provide services customers. Tablda acknowledges that it will process your personal data in compliance with applicable State and U.S. Federal laws; as well as G.D.P.R. for customers that reside in the U.K. or E.U. Tablda may use a customer’s personal information to perform the following:

  • To conduct billing activities and ensure timely payment for services rendered to customers by Tablda, its vendors, and/or business partners;
  • To allow Tablda’s employees; agents; or representatives to provide business services in accordance with our Terms of Service; and:
  • Any other legitimate business function or activity related to Tablda.

Tablda may also process your personal data when required to do so by any applicable law.


Tablda does not knowingly collect any data or information from or about children under the age of thirteen (13). However, if Tablda discovers that any information has been inadvertently collected due to a violation of our T.O.S., we will delete all such information from our files.


Tablda will store and delete a customer’s personal data in compliance with local or U.S. Federal Laws; as well as Article 5 of the GDPR. Tablda maintains its customers’ personal data on private servers which is protected by login security and restricted access through employees and system administrators. We may in the future use servers or hosting companies that are outside of the geographic area of the United States and/or in a foreign country. Any changes will be uploaded and displayed on our website along with a change notice regarding our policies, terms, and guidelines. Only the Tablda’s Administrator as well as authorized Tablda’s employees of have access customer information.


All customers have the right to protect their information and privacy. If at any time a customer believes that there is unauthorized activity on their account, they must immediately contact us via email at:; or may contact us via Live Chat during Normal Business Hours. Please note: Local Time applies for Normal Business Hours, which is Eastern Time, East Coast, U.S.A.

For E.U. and U.K. Customers: You have the right to access, rectify, object to, or erase the data maintained by Tablda pursuant to Articles 12 – 23 of the GDPR. You may request a change to your personal data by contacting Tablda by email, or live chat. You may also change your personal information by logging into your account and updating your Personal Profile. If you believe the information we have in our records is incorrect, you may request a correction by providing the following:




To request a change in your personal information, verification of identification must be provided in the form of at least one government issued I.D. (Driver License or Passport); as well as one additional I.D. containing a picture and personally identifiable information regarding the holder of the I.D. If you believe Tablda processing of your personal data infringes data protection laws, you have a legal right to initiate a complaint with our Privacy Agent:, who is responsible for data protection in accordance with Article 77 of the GDPR. Please send your complaint in writing via email to:


Tablda uses cookies to enhance the user's navigation and browsing experience. when using and accessing our website.

A cookie is a software program which collects information such as an I.P. address; and analytical data. Cookies may be stored on your computer or within your browser when you visit our website. Users can change their browser's security settings in order to opt out of cookies, but this may alter how our website and other websites are accessed and used.


Tablda Data Protection Officer can be contacted in writing at


Tablda may update this Privacy Policy at any time by uploading a new version on our company website. A user's continued use of our software and website is their acceptance of our Terms of Service; agreements; policies; and procedures.


  1. Mediation. In the event of a dispute or disagreement regarding this Privacy Policy, the parties agree to resolve the dispute in a business-like manner. If the parties are unable to resolve their disagreement, then they agree to use the services of a Private Mediator located in Cary, North Carolina, U.S.A.
  2. Notice. The disputing party must serve the non-disputing party with a prior written thirty-day notice of intent to mediate a dispute. Service of notice shall be to the party's last-known address. The Notice of Intent to Dispute shall state in detail the disputing party's claim. Failure to provide Notice may waive the party's ability to file a claim in mediation.
  3. Procedure. Mediation shall proceed via accepted arbitration and mediation rules as adopted by the American Bar Association.
  4. Award. The prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of legal costs and fees including but not limited to attorney and legal fees.


This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina, U.S.A., excluding conflict of law, choice of law, and C.I.S.G. provisions.